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"My passion is people, my passion is business, my passion is Jesus. I thought, why not put it all together and create something unforgettable. It started with an idea, and grew into something beautiful. An event that can unite hundreds of women together, to be inspired, to give back to the community, to praise a God we love"

The Conference.

Madison Keener is a young mother of two little girls, married to a police officer who she describes as the man of her dreams. Madison has been a local London business owner for seven years, and works hard to give back to her community and support those in need. Every year, her business holds a special event around Christmas to raise money for a local charity. 


She lives to help others, whether it be making breakfast on Christmas morning for London's unhoused community, or sponsoring children several East African countries, including Malawi and Tanzania, through World Vision and Compassion Canada. 


"I have been so blessed by God in my own life that I just want to give back what I've been given," Madison says. 


Before she and her husband had children, Madison and Jordan ventured to Haiti to volunteer at a local orphanage in Port-au-Prince, and learn more about the culture. 


"It was like nothing I had ever seen before: the infrastructure was sad, dirty, and destroyed, but the community was full of hope through Jesus. The kids all still had the biggest smiles on their faces." 


For Madison, the experience in her early 20s was life changing. It reinforced in her that it doesn't matter how much or how little you a have, when you have the hope of Jesus in your life, any day can be a great day. 


Since having kids — with Madison starting her business and her husband became an officer — the couple has slowed things down a bit. 


"This is when the wheels in my head started turning. I knew the things I had done within my community were positive, but I wanted to create something bigger and better: something to really bring Londoners to Jesus."


From that moment back in 2019, Madison has been working tirelessly on this project. She is passionate about Jesus and women’s empowerment, and that is where the idea stemmed from to host a women's Christian conference, a day where hundreds of women could come together, celebrate each other, be uplifted through the Word of the Holy Spirit, and of course, take some cute photos. Who wouldn't love to spend a whole day with their girlfriends, all while filling their soul with goodness? 


On April 15th, 2023 the first ever She Will Rise Women's Conference came to life, hosting over 700 women. The event brought in women from all across Canada and hosted speakers from Waco, TX, Nashville TN, and London, ON. The day was a huge success! 


The event will be held annually, and the next one is said to be put on April 20th, 2024. Details to be released soon.  


"I can't wait for this day to come alive again, it is going to be beautiful and so worth all the hard work, and everyone will know it was the work of God's hand." — Madison

The She Will Rise Womens Event will be operated by She Will Rise Inc. Founder - Madison Keener

HST# - 713317303RT0001

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