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Saker Realty has specialized in Real Estate in West Middlesex for 60 years. Shane Saker has been with the family business now for 5 years. He is a Go Getter and a charismatic character that will always go full out for his clients. He has a great deal of experience in multiple facets of the industry (Flipping, Building, Self Builds, Duplex Conversions, Student Rentals, Multi Family rentals). Shane is eager to help you with any real estate needs you may have!

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Highlands Apartments Phase 1 is a NEW purpose-built, elevated rental apartment located on the main corner of St. Thomas, Ontario. Walk to the grocery store and your favourite coffee shop or bakery. There are several restaurants and medical providers as well as public transit all located within the development.This brand new construction is the first-of-its kind to bring urban modern design to the heart of St. Thomas while offering a wide range of amenities. 

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I have been in the financial industry for over 20 years and am a mortgage broker who builds solutions for clients and helps them to get to their final step in the home buying process - I am solutions based so if I cannot do it today, I help them to build a plan to get where they need to be


Dr. Janna House, at LifeHouse Chiropractic, provides hope and healing through specific chiropractic care honouring the body’s God given potential.   Her practice merges the time-honoured excellence of the Gonstead technique with cutting-edge technology.  She knows that pain and stress can get in the way of what our bodies are designed to do.  Whether you have a specific complaint or are looking to optimize your health, Dr. Janna reviews your health history, performs a thorough assessment, and formulates a tailor-made care plan.  With precise manual adjustments, complemented by holistic lifestyle guidance, her care extends beyond just pain relief, and helps your body better adapt to stress and change.   

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As someone with lived experience of mental health, I know how daunting and stigmatizing it can be to discuss our struggles. Alongside my personal struggles, I have witnessed loved ones experience mental health struggles, trauma, and addiction. I am an active front-line worker in social services, and see the struggles daily in my professional life. Doom to Bloom Podcast's vision is to raise awareness of mental health, trauma, and addiction as well as to work to break down the stigma attached to these topics. Let's normalize mental health and our struggles.

The Hive is a tattoo parlour located in Sarnia and London, Ontario. Owner, Kyle Johnson is extremely talented, and has been granted awards for his work. With two locations, and multiple artist's to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect match for yourself. The Hive has a clean and welcoming environment, and is ready to bring your tattoo ideas to life. 

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Experience a better life

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